Every Little Thing Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A podcast where listener-submitted questions are answered. Also, puns.

The Product:

Something about caller hotlines has never rang true for me before now, but here I am, snugly entrenched down the rabbit hole, snared by the sense of whimsy, rationing out the remaining episodes to get me through this pretty bleak winter we’re all being bombarded with.

Every Little Thing answers small questions that listeners have in a punishingly detailed manner. In each episode, experts are tracked down so that they can sniff out answers, and share their fluffy tales of highly specific academia.

Where these listeners come from, I don’t know. But episode after episode they ask their questions and somewhat fawn over host Flora Lichtman as she gives them their answer, presented in a bouquet of freshly picked puns.

This podcast has planted its roots in an extremely nerdy garden and I have no choice but to give it two green thumbs up. But if you don’t like the optics of listening to an expert on, say, spider vision, then you won’t want to get tangled up in this. And you may have anoraknophobia.

Can You Sleep To It?

You probably could, but you’d miss all the puns embedded in there.

Recommended Episode:

If you want to follow my lead, start with this episode about dogs.

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