Foley is Pod Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A career ride-along with “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley.

The Product:

Foley is Pod is a weekly wrestling podcast with wrestling icon Mick Foley, co-hosted by wrestling media all-rounder Conrad Thompson. Foley has long established himself as a storyteller and author and it seems very natural for him to jump headfirst into the podcasting world.

In fact, if you’re familiar with his out of ring career you might be wondering why in the hell he would ever need a co-host. But Conrad Thompson is a professional, and in the show’s short run so far has proven himself to be an excellent interviewer, sounding board, and partner to Foley in this new venture.

Each week, a career highlight is the jumping off point and the anecdotes are soon spilling like blood from a freshly bladed forehead. Mick Foley possesses an undeniable charisma that I have been lucky enough to witness in person. Somehow affable, funny, approachable, steely, and a live-wire all at once, it’s little surprise that once given his platform in wrestling, he became so beloved.

Mick is simultaneously a relatable everyman and an irrepressible genius, who has played wildly different characters without ever losing sight of who he is. He could start a podcast about what he had for breakfast and it would still be gripping.

Thompson meanwhile is well-known within wrestling circles, and even more so in wrestling podcasting. In wrestling parlance, he seems to act as a manager of sorts for Foley, booking the show, building him up, and keeping him on track towards the gold. That analogy was a bigger stretch than a well-executed Boston Crab, so it’s time to go home.

Can You Sleep To It?

I’d like to see you try.

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