My Momma Told Me Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A deep dive into Black conspiracy theories.

The Product:

Much like we’d follow Jamie Loftus down any podcasting rabbit hole, we will also follow All Fantasy Everything’s David Gborie on any creative ventures he chooses. We also like conspiracy theories (not anti-science ones…), learning new things, and comedy.

Enter My Momma Told Me.

Gborie joins Langston Kerman, who had been flying solo on the podcast (but joined by guests), to take a deep dive into all kinds of fun, ridiculous, and sometimes problematic Black conspiracy theories.

It’s just as funny, chaotic, and occasionally disarmingly insightful as fans of All Fantasy Everything would expect.

What’s great is that once you get into their podcasting stylings, there is so much content to go back through, and to look forward to. These guys are consistently putting out episodes every week.

Can You Sleep To It?

Not even a little bit.

Recommended Episode:

Who doesn’t want to hear about aliens?

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