The Bechdel Cast Podcast Review

The Pitch:

Two comedians discuss the representation of women in film.

The Product:

In the Bechdel Cast, the questions asked are ‘do movies have women in them?’ Are all their discussions just boyfriends and husbands, or do they have individualism?

So goes the whimsical intro song that lulls you into a false sense of security before the hosts rip your patriarchal memories of movies to shreds and wave them in front of your submissive, grief-stricken body. Turns out, women aren’t actually very well represented in Hollywood, and get this — it’s been that way forever!

You need the Bechdel Cast in your life. You need to have your views challenged. Your nostalgia obliterated. And you need some hard dick jokes slipped in to soften these blows.

The co-hosts fizz with the energy brought about by mixing a passion project with improvised comedy. Caitlin is the type of powerhouse who can seemingly turn her hand to anything, be it writing, comedy, or producing. She also has a Masters Degree in Screenwriting — though she doesn’t like to bring it up.

Jamie, meanwhile, is a comedic wildfire who may just have a future in The Business if she can avoid the literal death threats from Mensa members who can’t seem to wrap their high IQs around…