The Empty Bowl Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A meditative podcast about cereal.

The Product:

The latest entry in our ‘everything is terrible, but let’s try and get through it, somehow’ series, The Empty Bowl is an auditory oasis in a world that is snapping, crackling, and yes, even popping.

Hosted by cereal eater Justin McElroy and Cerealously creator Dan Goubert, this podcast is released every every two weeks or so and — much like it’s subject — provides both sustenance, and a cheerful little treat, at any time of day.

Ambient music slowly rises to meet you at the start of each episode, and the hosts enter with their best NPR-style, dulcet-toned commentary on the latest news in the world of cereal. And yes, there is a world of cereal, and there is also news. Quite regularly it seems.

I’m not sure if I’d listen to a podcast that was just about cereal, or one that is just meditative for that matter. But I wouldn’t go around eating dry cereal either. Or at least not very often.

Of course at times they have their sugar-coated tongues in their cereal-filled cheeks. It’s a fucking podcast about cereal after all. But it’s not like the whole thing is a bowl of irony. And in general, it’s a nice time. And we need more of those.

Can You Sleep To It?

Yes, yes you can.

Recommended Episode:

If you love a particular cereal you can surely look for that episode, otherwise you can start from the start.