The Love Of Cinema (Picturehouse) Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A podcast about film, from Picturehouse Cinemas.

The Product:

The Love Of Cinema is a multi-format podcast from the UK’s Picturehouse film company. It’s about all things film, including discussions of weekly new releases and interviews with the creators or stars of new releases, or occasionally, re-releases. What it’s not, is the podcast of the literal same name that was actually suggested to me, but I digress.

So on that shaky ground in a town called Misunderstanding, I tried to make sense of a podcast that seemingly doesn’t have a regular release cadence, might have different formats episode to episode, and — most unsettling of all — is a game roulette when it comes to who will actually be hosting.

Having heavily front-loaded this review with preamble, I will say that this podcast is very enjoyable. It’s very much by film lovers, for film lovers, and any aspiring cinephile will find a treasure trove of engaging content in The Love Of Cinema.

The new film releases episodes clock in under an hour, but feel even shorter, as there is an effervescence here that can be lacking in more cynical, comedy-forward podcasts. Interview episodes are where the hosts really nerd out and flex their film buff muscles. These…