The Offensive Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A mockumentary following the ficitonal Ashwood City FC.

The Product:

We can go ahead and file this under ‘podcasts I wish I had thought of’. This is a well produced, well written and well acted mockumentary that follows the trials and tribulations of the ficitional club Ashwood City FC.

It’s fully immersive. You get a fly on the wall perspective of board meetings, calls between the manager and owner, and all of the different media coverage that comes with the greatest goddamned sport in the world. Just imagine that the fly on the wall has state of the art audio recording and editing equipment.

The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world. So, let’s put that out there before we go calling this ‘niche’. And if you’re here, you know podcasts are pretty hot right now. So merging these two worlds is a total home run. Sorry, merging these two worlds is like a scrappy injury time winner from an academy player in the FA Cup Final against the oil-rich Manchester City.

Very early on though, there is plenty of in the know satire for the football aficionados and ultras out there. You know, if dozens of live games, highlight programmes, newspaper articles, analysis-based podcasts, and a Football Manager addiction turned divorce aren’t…