The On And Off Theatre Workshop Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A season of audio drama.

The Product:

Keen-eyed readers will note that this is not a traditional ‘guy sits with a mic and just has a conversation’ podcast, more that it’s an audio drama series, uploaded to an RSS feed, and shot out into the internet for your listening pleasure.

The On And Off Theatre Workshop is currently producing King Lear, a tragedy as Shakespearean as they come, and what better way to dip your toes into Spooky Season than with an immersive - and pretty dark - series about death, the dying, and the dead?

If diving head-first into things is more your speed, The Puddle Play is the theatre’s first output in the podcasting realm— set in a apocalyptic, climate changed world, where a character has literally jumped into a puddle and promptly disappeared. Why did he do it? Where did he go? Well, you will have to listen to find out.

While Shakespeare, and drama in general, might not be for everybody, but this is one way to make it accessible and give the medium a shot in the arm. The younger, podcast-savvy audience may find a way to gain some knowledge of the Bard outside of textbooks, and older technology-shy folks might be persuaded to give this ‘podcasting’ thing a try.

Each episode features a cast of voice actors performing as if their lives depend on it, and narration and some well place music and soundscapes tie everything together to create a dramatic experience that will have your imagination speeding like a headless horseman through a dark October night.

Can You Sleep To It?

You possibly could, but beware of your dreams taking on a distinctly Shakespearean disposition.

Recommended Episode:

Take a look at their episodes and either start with King Lear or The Puddle Play.

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