Wrestling with Freddie Podcast Review

The Pitch:

Actor and wrestling enthusiast Freddie Prinze Jr talks wrestling.

The Product:

Wrestling with Freddie, which I only just got is a WWF reference, is a weekly interview-style podcast, started by Freddie Prinze Jr in 2021.

As a well-known celebrity, former WWE writer, and all round wrestling fanatic, FPJ is a uniquely placed as wrestling podcaster. His history and name-value gets him in a lot of wrestling podcast doors that smaller wrestling podcasts can only dream of.

If we love one thing here at Podcasteroid, it’s owning your love for the things that you love. And here is a podcast hosted by a guy who is a lifelong wrestling fanatic. We love to see it. While he is heavily into WWE, he is equally excited about AEW, and he’ll tell anyone who will listen about his plans for his own promotion.

This is a man who will out-talk Eddie Kingston about how wrestling is art. That’s how much he loves wrestling.

As a host he’s also pretty charismatic and relatively self-aware for someone who has the celebrity career he has.

Unfortunately the curse of the celebrity podcaster does strike WwF at times. Worse still, it’s not a Danhausen-style curse. Production could be better, specifically in terms of ad breaks, which are seemingly placed at random and often mid-conversation. As a listener you are just getting into your flow when all of a sudden COMMERCIAL BREAK OUT OF NOWHERE. Bah gawd.

Ultimately though if you are a wrestling fan it’s worth taking these audio bumps to get rewarded with insights from some top active names, and little nuggets of behind the scenes madness, usually involving Vince McMahon.

Can You Sleep To It?


Recommended Episode:

Eddie Kingston is the most recent guest, and it’s hard to go wrong with Eddie.

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