Crying on Main Street Podcast Review

The Pitch:

Disney Goths talk Theme Parks.

The Product:

This Crying on Main Street review is going to be a lot like our Pod’s Burgers review. It’s a niche sub-genre I didn’t know existed, and a defunct podcast I didn’t know I needed. So I’m now working through a back catalogue knowing the end is nigh.

The podcast is hosted by theme park super-fans Andrea and Meagan, two unabashed goths who want to take you on an emotional rollercoaster through the past, present, and future of parks.

I’ll come clean. I have goth-like tendencies. Although goth-lite tendencies might be more accurate. I’ll take a stroll in a graveyard and listen to “spooky boy” punk rock — AKA music by English majors who like Nosferatu, can play a guitar, but can’t maintain a relationship.

You might also find me in a theme park, but I’m not there for the rides, I’m there for the theming…The anxiety caused by the extremely tame Dumbo ride has been previously discussed when covering Podcast: The Ride.

Before it’s untimely death, Crying on Main Street was pretty consistent, putting out several episodes per month covering different ride (mostly the Haunted Mansion) and holidays (mostly Hallowe’en).

It might have been the pandemic that put the nail in their podcast-ghosting journey, but I hope they rise from the cold earth to walk again some night.

Can You Sleep To It?

If your anxious disposition can handle it.

Recommended Episode:

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