You Are Good Podcast Review

The Pitch:

A feelings podcast about movies.

The Product:

You Are Good is one of those podcasts you discover that unlocks a whole universe of content, guests, and movies to consume. It comes from You’re Wrong About’s Sarah Marshall, who is joined by co-host Alex Steed.

We’re in our cozy era here at Podcasteroid HQ, and You are Good provides a comfortable aural blanket as the hosts and guests attempt to understand themselves, through the lens of their favourite pop culture.

What could be better as we head into autumn? A safe space doesn’t mean a space where there are no difficult things. It can mean a place where tough conversations can be had without judgement, and from a place of empathy. It can also be for hour-long, in depth discussions on films like Babe, School of Rock, and The Santa Clause. Get yourself a podcast that can do both.

In the podcasting world like often attracts like, so guests usually come into episodes ready to be vulnerable, empathetic, and most importantly have fun with the subject matter. It’s been a rewarding exercise going down the rabbit hole of the work of each guest, who invariably has their own podcast.

All of this sounds pretty serious, but despite the slightly fluid conceit of the podcast, You Are…